Air Conditioning Installation Milton Keynes

At Inspace Mechanical & Electrical Ltd we are experts in all fields of air conditioning installation, as well as ventilation maintenance, electrical services and heat recovery. Serving the industrial, commercial and residential sectors in Milton Keynes and further afield, Inspace Mechanical & Electrical undertake projects of all sizes from minor installations to complete refits.
We are approved installers of Daikin and Mitsubishi air conditioning units, having been trained to install to the highest standards by both these manufacturers. Operating with the latest in air conditioning installation technology we integrate the most modern and efficient equipment on the market.

To see how we can help you just call our team today on 01707 332 323. We are happy to come visit you on site throughout the Milton Keynes area, and will show you how the right air conditioning installation can help you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Milton Keynes

From air conditioning maintenance to installation, Inspace Mechanical & Electrical undertake projects in the Milton Keynes and beyond. With staff trained to Refcom standards we are highly qualified in all fields, and as contractors we have our work regularly tested to ensure its consistently at exceptional standards.
Offering air conditioning maintenance that meets all standards as set out by Health and Safety law, from cleaning through to complete system overhauls, we maintain for industrial, commercial and residential clients throughout the country.

Electrical Company Milton Keynes

Whether you require a small electrical upgrade or a system overhaul our experienced electrical company offer a complete service. Our electrical contractors will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer you a quote, just call today.

For more information on our services just call our head office today. We will be happy to explain in more depth how we can help your business today and can even arrange a free consultation.

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